Music Albums

 1. Punishment (کیفر)

A set of Farsi songs.

3. Sarcasm of Terrorism (Piano)

A set of piano works.

5. Broken wings (Techno)

A set of techno music.

7. Dreams (Rhythmic ambient) 

A set of relaxing new age music.

9. The tropical house (Techno) 

A set of hot house techno!

2. Rise of the Pioneer (Techno)

A set of Trance and House music.

4. The trance temple (Trance)

A set of trance music.

6. Run, don't walk! (Film)

A set of music for film production.

8. Symphony of Colors (Classical) 

A set of classical philharmonic music.

X. Remixes 

A set of hot remixes into techno!